Joanna Bloor

People accelerator, futurist, technology nerd. Belief agent for brave and Curious women.


Web Design




San Francisco, CA.


Joanna Bloor is a belief Agent for the Brave & Curious.

She believes that every decision about you and your career is made in a room that you are not in. As a former 20-year veteran of the startup space, helping build and lead companies including OpenTable, CBS Interactive and Pandora, the question How do people respond to you? has been an integral part of her journey.

We collaborate with Joanna Bloor in the design and development of her coaching programs website. We designed the structure and style to finally start building it with WordPress.

"I uncover why you’re awesome. Then show you how to share with others why you’re awesome. It’s in doing both that others let you BE your awesome self. It’s magic."
- Joanna Bloor

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